Digicel Reports Lime to NTRC

Country Manager of Digicel Dominica, Mr. Richard Stanton

Country Manager of Digicel Dominica, Mr. Richard Stanton

Digicel is asking the NTRC – National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, to launch an investigation into LIME’s call handling, which results in some consumers being unfairly charged.

In an exclusive interview with SAT TV, Country Manager of Digicel Dominica, Mr. Richard Stanton stated, Digicel detected unusual calling patterns to LIME numbers across 12 of LIME’s Caribbean markets and launched an investigation which revealed that consumers may be improperly charged for calls to certain LIME numbers.

Country Manager of Digicel Dominica, Mr. Richard Stanton, says since 2013 Digicel has been working with LIME to get a resolution to billing the problem.

He pointed out however, when the matter proved to be going nowhere, they contacted the local NTRC to continue the investigation.

Even after multiple assurances from LIME that the situation had been corrected, Digicel continued to find intermittent examples of the issue continuing in various LIME markets around the Caribbean.

Digicel is requesting that the NTRC establish a mechanism whereby LIME is required to compensate consumers that have been affected.

Mr. Stanton noted, this is a major problem as it can result in customers losing trust for the networks.




He added, this is an issue that could have been resolved between the two Companies, however LIME failed to give the issue the attention it deserved.

The matter was reported in a letter to the NTRC via email on the evening of Thursday March 13th 2014 and a hard copy of the letter was delivered on the morning of Friday March 14th 2014.

When contacted, General Manager of LIME Dominica, Mr. Jeffrey Baptiste declined commenting on the matter, however indicated that a statement would be released by LIME in a few days.


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