Dimanche Gwa Way-Lay-Lay event promises 12 hours of Dominica’s cultural fever

Organizers of the Dimanche Gwa Way-Lay-Lay event, that is the Dominica Festivals Committee and Reality Stepperz Entertainment are promising patrons nothing less than twelve full hours of festivity this weekend.


The event is expected to begin at 3:00pm on Sunday, February 6th, 2011 with the kiddies mas and will be followed by a dance off, a DJ competition and a pre-j’ouvert party and lime featuring some of the top bouyon bands in Dominica.


A total of eleven DJs will compete in the DJ competition.


They are from:


San Sauveur – DJ Flame

Pond Case – DJ Speedy

Bath Estate – DJ Shield

Riviere Cyrique – DJ Star

Vieille Case – DJ Sly

Canefield – DJ Smooth

Canefield – DJ Ten Ice

Wesley – DJ Nathan

Roseau – DJ Pro

Atkinson – DJ Rocket

Bath Estate – DJ Tyhee


For the DJ Competition the DJs will receive eight (8) minutes to tally up as much as 100 points to win the competition.


The competitors will be judged based on their music selection (30 points), cross-over mixing (20 points), technique (15 points), crowd response (15 points), on-mic response (10 points) and the set time limit (10 points).


DJs are not allowed to use the same mix more than once and all mixing must be live, no prerecorded sets will be accepted.


Seven bands are also expected to take part in the pre-j’ouvert party and lime event at Dimanche Gwa Way-Lay-Lay.  Some of the bands include WCK, Royalty Band, RMC Band, Fanatik Band, Digital Vybes, Ophelia Marie, Colton T and more.


The latter events will usher carnival revelers into the carnival Monday j’ouvert street jump-up. A contribution of $10 and $15 will be taken at the gates. Children who attend the kiddies carnival with a costume will enter absolutely free.


The first 500 people in carnival city will receive one free kubuli beer while the first 200 will also get one miniature soca rum free.

Patrons can also look forward to other prizes and surprises as well as a performance from a surprise band.

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