Dinner for Underprivileged Children

Organizer of the Event and Director of “Love One Teach One”, Ms. Gloria Walsh

Every child is special and he or she deserves to achieve his growth and dreams in a healthy surrounding.

They should also not be deprived of their primary rights.

It is a birth right of a child to enjoy his or her primary rights, and this is why a dinner will be held for underprivileged children at the Bath Estate Community Center on Saturday, 8th.

Organizer of the Event and Director of “Love One Teach One” Ms. Gloria Walsh explains how the idea originated.

Each child deserves to grow up in a healthy environment where they have access to health related facilities such as quality integrated water and sanitation services.

According to Ms. Walsh, the children have received a lot of help in terms of preparing for the dinner.

Peace Corps Volunteer, Ms. Carrie Katz

“Love One Teach One” promotes and provides these impoverished children a better upbringing in which they can attain their full potential to lead a meaningful life in the future.

Ms. Walsh says the children are very excited and she believes this dinner will be extremely beneficial for them.

Peace Corps Volunteer Ms. Carrie Katz was responsible for teaching the children how to eat at the table.

The dinner begins at 7 pm.


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