Dion Brewster Sentenced to 6 Months Imprisonment for Gold Chain Theft

Not actual gold chain stolen

Not actual gold chain stolen

Dion McNeil Brewster of Picard Portsmouth, who stole from his 18 year old female friend to get out of a situation, is now spending the next 6 months in prison.

On February 27th 2014, Brewster stole a 10 karat gold chain worth $1,500 from Shanice Jolly.

He pleaded guilty to that charge.

The facts stated that on the day of the incident, Brewster visited Jolly at her work place and offered to have her chain cleaned as a post Valentine’s Day gift and she obliged.

All attempts to recover the chain proved futile.

Over a week later she met one of his friends who told her that Brewster had given him a gold chain to take to Cash Wiz for a loan of $300.

She asked the friend to accompany her to Cash Wiz which he did and she identified her chain then called police to report the matter.

On March 28th, the friend called Brewster and told him he had paid off the loan and had the chain so they arranged to meet in town, but when Brewster got there police were waiting on him.

In court on Monday, Brewster told Magistrate Bernard Paquette his actions were a mistake on his part.

Pacquette reminded Brewster that on October 24, 2013 he was fined $2,500 for theft suspended for 1 year.

On April 7th, before Magistrate Arley Gill, Brewster was fined $1,681 for theft or in default spend 6 months in prison and 120 hours of community service, however to avoid being sent to prison Brewster had to pay the suspended fine which his parents did.

Before sentencing, the Magistrate told Brewster, “Your parents have done everything to help you but you have not learnt your lesson. You now have to help yourself.”

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