Director of ground operations believe that Dominican farmers can do a lot better




The Director of Ground of Operation and Cargo Quick Pack has said that Dominican farmers should ensure that they take advantage of the opportunity to be a major player in the new initiative that Liat is offering to them, to export goods throughout the Caribbean and the world by extension. Mr Whilber Edwards believes that the farmers should own up to that responsibility as he addressed the media at a press conference on September 6th 2010.


“I can tell you that in St Vincent, the farmers are very enterprising. They farmers ship approximately eight to ten thousand pounds of produce a week to London, the United Kingdom Canada. We expect Dominica to take full advantage of these opportunities in order to serve markets abroad,” said Mr Edwards.


Mr Edwards said that while there is a wide variety of produce in Dominica, it is rather unfortunate that the farmers are  not doing all in their power to ensure that these produce are exported in the largest quantity.


“I am a big fan of Dominican produce and I believe it is the best in the entire Caribbean and I’m telling you when I see the amount of produce that is being exported by St Kitts, I know Dominica has the potential to produce much more,” he said.


He said that despite the economic down turn, Liat expects to generate a profit at the end of this financial year.


“We are not looking for super profits because we are more concern about the people of the region and providing a service. We are not going through with this initiative to loose but we will work with the shippers to make sure that the prices are affordable,” said the Director.

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