Director of Tourism Says a Marina Would Attract More Yachters to Dominica

Director of Tourism: Colin Piper

One senior tourism official is of the view that a marina will sharply increase the yachting industry and on a wider scale tourism to Dominica especially the town of Portsmouth.

Chief Executive Officer of Discover Dominica Authority, and Director of Tourism Mr. Colin says yachting is a silent tourism product, which most people do not realize as yachters spend the most money on Island.

Mr. Piper pointed out for the first six months of 2012, preliminary yacht arrival statistics from Portsmouth show a 3.4% increase in vessels clearing Customs.

A total of one thousand four hundred and forty-eight vessels carrying over six thousand passengers and crew cleared Customs during this period.

He added this translates to an 18.1% increase in visitors arriving by yacht for 2012 at Portsmouth in 2011.

Arrival statistics from Roseau through May 2012 have also recorded an increase from 2011.

He also added that the community of Citronier is a prime area benefitting from Tourism as there also sees a large number of yachts docking in the area.

The Tourism Director pointed out that if a marina were to be constructed in Dominica there will be a large increase in the number of yachts coming to.

We would also see mega yachts making the trip as they would need the necessary requirements in place for them to dock.

He added the benefits of this marina would create ripple effects as services such as security, laundry cleaning, housekeeping and re-fuelling would be vital aspects for the yachters thus making them stay for longer periods on Island.

Mr. Piper says although Dominica is benefitting from yachting, having a first class marina would sharply increase in profits.

He highlighted Discover Dominica Authority continuing its promotion of the yachting industry in publications regionally, and working alongside organizations such as the Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services (PAYS) in Portsmouth, and the Dominica Marine Center in Roseau, to ensure that the basic services required by the yachting industry are provided.

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