Dirty Sock contest winner

In recognition of the 2012 Earth Day theme ‘Mobilize the Earth’ the Discover Dominica authority (DDA) held its first ever dirty sock contest.

The contest was held with a view to raising public awareness on how the environment is affected by vehicle emissions.

DDA’s Head of Product Development Kathleen Cuffy suggested that there was a need for something different in terms of activities that involved environmental awareness.

Six random taxi buses operating on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard were selected to participate in the contest.

The taxi operators were given a clean, new white sock to place over their vehicle’s emission pipe, and the vehicles were then switched on and left idling for 30 seconds after which the socks were removed.

The DDA sought to determine which vehicle released the least amount of exhaust fumes into the environment by judging which sock was the least dirty following the activity.

The vehicle owners were able to see what their automobile emits into the air and the effects on air quality after removing the socks.

The DDA hopes that the activity will encourage drivers to take better care of their vehicles and as a result the environment.

Subsequent to the contest two prizes were given; one for the cleanest sock and the other for the dirtiest.

Julian Jeffers of bus registration # HB 369 won cleanest sock award and will receive a free mechanical checkup compliments J Astaphan and Company Limited.

The dirtiest sock went to vehicle registration # HB 159 who will receive a free oil change compliments AL Motors.

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