Disaster Management Meeting

The Office of Disaster Management will execute a simulation exercise between November 29th  and December  6th, 2012 to test the various components of the Ministries Disaster plans.

The exercise will simulate a disastrous earthquake impacting Commonwealth of Dominica which will take place sometime next week.

However, a brief meeting was held on Thursday, November 29th.

Mr. George says the program is to assist Government Ministries in developing the disaster management plan as well as communities.

He says the community of Capunchin has already had their training.

Mr. George says the objective is to make communities across Dominica safe. For example, he brought up the flash flood incident which took place in Massacre, Canefield and Mahaut and he added that, if the wall was built, many people would not have lost their homes.

He also gave another example of a natural disaster.

SAT  News will provide u with more information on the Simulation Exercise.


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