Disaster preparedness workshop



diaster.jpgA workshop for all media houseS was held where Met Officer Mr. Fixtroy Pascal and Police Officer Mr. Robertson Laurent did presentations on how to go about preparing for a disaster.


Met Officer Mr. Fixtroy Pascal says preparing for natural disasters, whether it is a hurricane, tsunami, flood, or some other hazardous event can mean the difference between life and death.


Mr. Pascal believes taking the time to assemble a Disaster Supply Kit and rehearse a Family Disaster Plan before a disaster strikes will help us through the temporary loss of everyday conveniences such as safe water from taps, fresh food supplies and electricity.

He believes that during an emergency, supplies are in high demand and if they are open at all they run out of inventory quickly.

Mr. Pascal says once a disaster hits, there is no time to search for supplies.


Police Officer Mr. Robertson Laurent says that all Media Houses need to understand how important it is to distribute accurate information and when to do so.


Mr. Laurent says because of the information the Media House dispense at the time of emergencies and disasters, it interferes with the Police and Fire Officers job when they are trying to make their way to the scene.


In addition, he says the public need to be aware of who to contact when in a crisis and the information to give.

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