Disruption at Roseau Magistrate Court

court3.jpgThere was a big disruption at the Roseau Magistrate Court on Thursday February 14th 2013, when Yannick Lander accused of murder attacked another prisoner.

The incident occurred while leaving the prison’s box after his bail application was denied.

While leaving he attacked and beat another prisoner, who was sitting at the time and was caught off guard.

It took six police officers to tackle Lander and extract him from his bleeding victim, before he was rushed back to the Stock Farm prison.

Court proceedings have been temporarily suspended because of the incident.

Lander was charged with the murder of Dwayne Pinard of Castle Comfort, which occurred in 2008. He was granted bail in 2010.

While on bail he reportedly attacked Kyle David and has been remanded in custody for that offense.


One man will also  have some time to think of his actions, after pleading guilty at the Roseau Magistrate’s Court on Thursday February 14th, to four charges of theft on carnival Monday.

23 year old Rico Warner of Tarish Pit stole two Blackberry Curve cellphones valued at $700 each, one belonging to Sherlyn Valmond, and the other Ezra George.

He also stole a Blackberry Bold valued at $800 and a waist bag valued at $120, the property of Albert Simon, and a Blackberry Torch valued at $1500 belonging to Naomi George.

According to the facts of the case read by Police Prosecutor Inspector Claude Weekes, the items were stolen while the unsuspecting victims were dancing in a band during the carnival Monday celebration on February 11th 2013.

When questioned, Mr. Warner admitted to stealing the items, in the presence of the victims when taken into custody by the police, after receiving certain information about the incidents.

In mitigation his Attorney Darius Jones, stated that his client is a father of two children who will be celebrating his 24th birthday shortly.

He also added that his client is a fisherman, who did not waste the Court’s time by pleading guilty, and also demonstrated remorse for his actions.

When given a chance to explain his actions, Mr. Warner said and I quote, “Your Honor, I lost my head under the influence of alcohol and I did not know what I was doing,” end quote.

Magistrate Candia George advised the defendant that, he should not have taken advantage of the vulnerable people.

He was sentenced to 2 months imprisonment for each of the four charges, which are to run consecutively.

The stolen items were restituted to their rightful owners following the sentencing.



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