Dissident’s Daughter Doubts Dad’s Fatal Car Crash Was Accidental

Rosa María Payá, the daughter of Cuban dissident leader Oswaldo Paya Sardinas, who died in a car crash along with fellow dissident Harold Cepero Escalante on Sunday, does not believe that the deaths were accidental.
She said the information she received from the boys in the car with him, is that a car was trying to push them off the road, ramming them at every moment so they are convinced that, they wanted to harm them and ended up killing her father.

The Christian Liberation Movement, which was founded by Payá Sardiñas, is moreover calling on the Cuban military junta for a transparent investigation of the deaths.
Payá, who was 60 years old who fought for human and civil rights in Cuba for more than two decades, and Cepero, who was the movement’s youth leader, traveled in a rental car with two Europeans who received minor injuries.
The two international supporters were identified as Ángel Carromero Barrios of Spain and Jens Aron Modig from Sweden.
However, According to the Cuban government, the rental car in which the four were travelling lost control and hit a tree at 1:50 pm local time Sunday in La Gavina, a town about 14 miles outside Bayamo, the capital city of Granma province.

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