District Sports Festival

The Sports Division on Sunday July 22nd held a District Sports Festival for the Roseau/Roseau Valley District.

This was in an effort to fight obesity and bring the communities in the area to participate in different sporting activities.

Kevin James, Sports Officer for the district says this is as a result of the Sports Division’s goal to combat non-communicable diseases and to get individuals engaged in sports as a community.

The games saw seven teams from the communities of Goodwill and Morne Prosper among others, competing in seven disciplines, namely rounders, cricket, basketball, volleyball, netball, football and track and field.

The Morne Prosper community emerged winners with 31 points and the Goodwill community took second place also with 31 points.

Sports Officer, Yehudi John says even though Morne Prosper and Goodwill amassed the same points, Morne Prosper topped first in three of the different sports, thus emerging winners.

He says at the Sports Division they have realized that sports is on a decline and they are trying to put in place plans and programs to develop sustainable sport and as a result, the establishment of the Sports Festival.

He is asking that the sporting public put pressure on the persons interested in sports to set up village sports committees.

There are already sports committees in the Roseau Valley area but other villages are asked to create their own because there is better competition when those committees are in place.

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