District youth councils to be revitalized

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The newly elected president of the National Youth Council of Dominica (NYC), Ms. Fenella Wenham has already outlined the areas that she would like the NYC to place emphasis on during her term as the president.

Ms. Wenham expressed how she felt about being the first female NYC president.

She believes that the Dominican youth need to work together to form a network, hence the aim to revitalize the district youth councils.

Ms. Wenham also wants to endeavor to place more emphasis on the annual NYC awards.

The youth are faced with several problems in society, thus Ms. Wenham wishes to address these areas which are of concern.

Young people are engulfed with the daily stress of being unemployed.

Ms. Wenham will seek to devise plans which will curb the issue of unemployment among the youth.

As a teacher, she said that she is aware of the violence among students at schools.

The NYC will also take steps to address the growing problem of violence at schools.

The youth were encouraged to remain positive in everything that they do.


Written by Gail Sharplis

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