Dive Fest 2012 Deemed a Success

As Dive Fest 2012 activities came to a close on Sunday July 15th, with the Kubuli Canoe race in the village of Soufriere, one official is calling it a major success.

President of the Dominica Watersports Association Mr. Simon Walsh says, all of the activities of Dive fest were well attended which was a major accomplishment.

Mr. Walsh added that the first ever Iron Chef Competition, where five chefs competed for the title of ‘’Iron Chef 2012,” won by Jessica Pinard-Byrne, is being looked at, to make it part of the Dive Fest calendar of events.

He added that it is very important that the public is aware that lionfish is safe to eat, and they held numerous free tastings of the fish which is similar in taste and flavor to tash, which is flaky.

He added that all fishers should take advantage of the unique opportunity, to catch the lionfish which is a sustainable food source and clean and sell them to supermarkets and hotels, and also the public.

He added that the Canoe race in Soufriere was a success, as a large crowd of persons all flocked to the beach to either take part or witness the action, with vehicles parking from Soufriere almost all the way to the neighboring village of Scotts Head.

There were six teams which participated in three races, which the very supportive crowd cheered them on for every race.

Each team had to row out to a floating jetty, then turn and come back to shore.

Although there was some disagreement as to who won the race by the teams, first place was the Dominica Coconut Products team, winning four cases of Kubuli, Digicel Cellphones and the Kubuli canoe trophy among other prizes, while second place won three cases of Kubuli and Digicel merchandise.

The winning captains also received 50 gallons of fuel compliments of Petro Caribe, who was one of the sponsors of the event.

Mr. Walsh says that Digicel who is a major sponsor of the event, signed a two year contract for Dive Fest, 2012 to 2013, so they are already planning for the 20th event which will take place in 2013.

He also went on to thank all those who donated their boats, time and businesses to ensure all Dive fest activities went well which he is forever grateful for.

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