Division of Agriculture Continues to Fight Against Black Sigatoka

2_23445_eThe Division of Agriculture’s Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit of the Division of Agriculture is about to commence the next spray cycle for the control and management of Black Sigatoka.

All banana and plantain farmers need to prepare their fields for this cycle by; removing all diseased leaves with stages 3, 4, and 5 of the disease, as shown at training meetings and on-farm demonstrations, as well as de-suckering to reduce the humidity in the fields and weeding of fields and farms.

Head of the Plant Quarantine Office, Mr. Ryan Anselm described Black Sigatoka as an invasive species that has caused serious problems in Dominica.

According to Mr. Anselm, the Government is doing all in their power to fight the disease, so it is important that farmers play their part.

Farmers are further advised that the fungicide ‘Tilt’ will be used in the cycle and specific restrictions must be adhered to.

All banana and plantain bunches must be bagged or sleeved, as Tilt will not be applied if the fruits are not protected.black-sigatoka

Farm owners and farm workers and or labourers, must ensure that they remain out of the field for at least 24 hours after spraying occurs.

Spraying will not be conducted in residential areas, therefore cultural practices such as de-leafing, de-suckering and composting are encouraged in those areas.

According to Mr. Anselm, Government has spent approximately $1 million trying to control the disease.

For further information please contact Black Sigatoka Management Co-ordinator at the Division of Agriculture Plant Protection Unit at telephone numbers: 266-3817; 266-3820 or 266-3807.

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