Division of agriculture press conference

The Division of Agriculture is raising concerns about the dangerous citrus disease that has entered Dominica.

Plant protection officer Mr. Ryan Anselm says Citrus Greening is a very dangerous disease and the Division of Agriculture needs to implement a management strategy for the prevention of this disease.

Mr. Anselm stated that the Division will provide garments for farmers and plant protection officers for precaution sake.

In addition, he mentioned that it is vital that people follow the rules and regulations implemented.

Mr. Anselm believes that the farmers and extension officers need to be trained in disease management.

He stated that this disease has caused the juice sources in Florida to be shut down permanently years ago.

Mr. Anselm says this is one of the most dangerous diseases with no cure therefore, once a plant is infected it needs to be cut and burnt.

He believes that citrus plants were entered in Dominica illegally and as a result, the Division will invest a lot of money to take care of the situation.

One of the symptoms of Citrus Greening is yellowing of plants and Mr. Anselm advises the public to contact a plant protection officer to confirm.

He says many people don’t understand why it is illegal to bring citrus plants into Dominica and this why.

Mr. Anselm says once this Disease is among out plants, they are all at risks.

To prevent spreading of this dangerous disease, Mr. Anselm says and I quote “we should avoid changing plants location.

If it is already planted in one location, we should not move it to another.”

Mr. Anselm is urging the public to be aware of this disease and also to look out for symptoms such as “yellowing of plants”.

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