DNCW Hosts 25th Annual General Meeting

President of DNCW, Mrs. Josephine Dublin Prince

Monday November 26th was a special day for one organization as they hosted their 25th Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Dominica National Council of Women (DNCW) held their AGM under the theme “Women: Agents of Socio-Econiomic and Political Development.

President of DNCW, Mrs. Josephine Dublin Prince, stated it is usually said that the situation of women and children can be considered an indication of the health of any country, and as a result the challenges faced by a family in their socio-economic situation should be of grave concern to the DNCW.

She said the abused children will grow into women and will be those who need to get support from a crisis center.

Mrs. Prince said now is the time for more young people to get involved with the movement and also sounded a call for additional volunteers.

She said despite the issue of limited resources they have to continue to make a mark in their own national development.

The DNCW have carved a niche in small and medium businesses such as, craft, agriculture, and agro-processing among others.

Minister for Social Services and Gender Affairs, Honourable Gloria Shillingford, pointed out that the theme, “Women: Agents of Socio-Econiomic and Political Development is reflected in the aims of the DNCW which speaks to the empowerment if women.

She said this is important so women can realize their full potential and play a vital role in national development.

Mrs. Shillingford highlighted that these activities following one another so closely sends a positive message about the efforts that are being made by different agencies, both individually and collectively, to raise consciousness on the importance of human rights.

She said these include matters particularly those relating to women and families.

Mrs. Shillingford said however while the focus is on women, there is also work on eradicating all forms of violence which can be deemed an infringement on human rights.

Mrs. Shillingford says in keeping with this theme, she is looking forward to the continued collaboration of the DNCW in the upcoming 16 days of activism campaigned against gender violence.

The Minister said we cannot lessen our efforts in letting the world know that discrimination and violence are wrong and in doing so we have to be steadfastly committed to the cause.


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