Doctor of Divinity to hold a fundraising lecture this weekend

Doctor of Divinity, Dr Erica Joseph will hold a fundraising lecture this weekend targeting parents who wish to overcome the barriers of learning for their children.


At a press conference on Wednesday, Dr Joseph said that the lecture will seek to address one of the biggest challenges encountered by primary, secondary and tertiary institutions; which is deficiency in the arena of learning and understanding their studies.


Dr Joseph says that in most cases, parents and teachers tend to think that some students are slow learners and need special attention.


She argued that cases like these do not necessarily mean that the child is a slow learner, but instead the child needs to unlock his or her intellectual ability.


She said that she is willing to work with parents and children one-on-one to aid, diagnose and develop the deficient areas which hinder the child’s capacity to learn soundly.



The lecture will be held at Dr Joseph’s office on bath road, opposite the police headquarters from 10:00am on Saturday, April 9th, 2011.


Interested persons may call 2650182 or 6167373 for registration and bookings.

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