Domestic Dispute Leaves Newtown Man Out of Pocket

peopleArguingA domestic dispute which turned ugly has left Curt Pemberton of Newtown facing almost $10,000 in compensation.

Pemberton pleaded guilty to committing damage to a number of household items to include a stove, fridge, living room set and washing machine, belonging to his live-in girlfriend Bianca Blanchard of Pointe Michel on April 8 2014.

The total value of the damaged goods was E.C $9,745.

According to the facts, the two had gotten into such a heated argument that Blanchard had to report the matter to police officers at the Pointe Michel station.

After officers visited the home and spoke to the defendant, he left the house.

However, he returned later while Miss Blanchard was not home and damaged her property.

When she returned home and saw the damage she made a report to the police station.

Pemberton was then arrested and cautioned.

Attorney Ronald Charles, who mitigated on Pemberton’s behalf, said his client was remorseful and it was a situation where his love for Blanchard was so strong that his emotions got the best of him.

He said Pemberton did not want to hit Blanchard so instead he took his frustration out on the appliances.

Magistrate Arley Gill ordered Pemberton to pay the compensation by 10 October 2014 or in default spend 9 months in prison.

At least $2,500 of that amount has to be paid by April 30 to replace some of the essential appliances like the stove and fridge.

He was also ordered to undergo counseling and report back to Court on July 21st 2014.


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