Dominica advanced in the phasing out process of Ozone Depleting Substances


Dominica and other countries parties to the Vienna Convention observed the International Day for the preservation of the ozone layer on September 16th.


World Ozone Day was observed under the theme HCFC Phase Out: a unique opportunity.


Dominica is said to be leading the way in adopting the Vienna Convention and the Montreal protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer.


President of the Dominica Association of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (DARAC), Mr Andy Williams says as the theme describes, the phase-out of HCFC indeed provides a unique opportunity for Dominica and the rest of the world to make a real impact in the global climate system.


Minister of Environment, Natural Resources, Physical Planning and Fisheries says the government of Dominica is urging all sectors to seize the opportunity provided by the HCFC phase-out.


According to him, by limiting emissions from ozone depleting substances such as HCFC’s, Dominica hopes to achieve sustainable development for all.


World Ozone Day is being celebrated internationally since 1995; the date designated by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 49/114 to commemoration the signing of the Montreal protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer.


Bromide Officer of the United Nations Environment Programme, Mr Yerzhan Aisabayev said that Dominica needs to be commended since it was successful in phasing out all cfcs since 2008; two years ahead of the agreed schedule for the omission of cfcs for developing countries.


Friday’s ceremony also included the official launch of environment bags made in Dominica from biodegradable material.


The design on the bag was conceptualized by the national coordinator for ozone Mr Bradley Guye.


Several packages were handed over to students who participated in the poster presentation this year.

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