Dominica Afrikulture Stilt Walkers Inc Participates in Crop Over Celebrations


Barbdados “Crop Over”: Dominica Afrikulture Stilt Walkers

28 persons from the Afrikulture Stilt Walkers Inc., otherwise known as “Bwa Bwa” have participated in the Crop Over celebrations in Barbados from July
28th to August 7th.

Members, parents and friends revelled in the Summer’s Sweetest Festival,aimed to preserve one of the many cultural art forms among young persons, with an avenue for its continued development.

The registered non -profit organization was formed in 1996, to carry on with the West African tradition of “stilt-walking”, during annual Carnival events and at other celebratory times of the year, including Independence, World Creole Music Festival, Christmas and cricket events.

According to one of the walkers, Dowane Charles, it was most fitting this time around since it culminated with Emancipation Day activities in Barbados.

Dowane said however, what he found most challenging, was the distance they had to walk, compared to the usual walking distance in Dominica.

The young man believes stilt- walking is an enjoyable event and urges those interested to join the group.

The group accepts children from 5 years and over.


Barbdados “Crop Over”: Dominica Afrikulture Stilt Walkers

Group leader, Mr. Ferdinand Webster, said travelling to Barbados was a great experience. He noted, what made it so unique was the fact that it was new to the group and the challenge of the walking distance.

Mr. Webster believes that their group had the best costume and will have even better ones for the 2014 Independence and Carnival seasons.

According to him, “stilt-walking” is not dangerous, because individuals are taught everything that they need to know, including how to fall.


(left to right) Member of the Bwa Bwa Group Dowane Charles and Group leader, Mr. Ferdinand Webster

The Group practices on Tuesdays in the Botanical Gardens and interested persons can contact Mr. Webster or Ms. Dewhurst on telephone numbers 245 2782 or 440 3278.

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