Dominica Among Six Anti-Gay Countries in Sochi Olympics

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The excitement brought on by Dominica being represented at the Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, has also placed the island under the microscope by Mr. Cameron Combs, a policy researcher at the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington, DC.

Mr. Combs named Dominica third on a list of countries participating in the Olympics with worst gay rights records than Russia.

According to the article posted on the website,, when it comes to homophobia, Russia is not the only country ‘going for the gold’.

The article shows a picture of Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, and states that the punishment for homosexuals in Dominica is 10 years in prison.

“This tiny Caribbean island made headlines a few years ago when two American men were arrested for having sex on a gay cruise in view of the port, but the focus has since turned to schools”, the report said.


Gary and his wife, Angelica Di Silvestri

It continued by saying that the Education Minister created a task force in 2012, with the purpose of “investigating and identifying the root causes of deviance and the increasing incidents of homosexuality among the student population.

On an even grimmer note, the article states that Prime Minister, Skerrit, has said that decriminalizing same-sex relations is out of the question for the “foreseeable future.”

In what Mr. Combs considers to be a ‘silver lining’ the article concluded by saying “A gay rights group has managed to convince Dominica’s highest Catholic official to renounce anti-sodomy laws as a promoter of violence.”

Other countries on the list include; Iran, Jamaica, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Lebanon respectively.

Dominica is being represented by Gary and his wife, Angelica Di Silvestri.


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