Dominica Arts and Craft Producers Association (DACPA), President Says Dominicans Need to Support their Own

Mr. Francis Richards, President of the Dominica Arts and Craft Producers Association (DACPA), says that Dominicans need to do more in supporting their own.

He said with this the arts and craft industry will continue on an upward push, which will be beneficial for the craft producers, as well as Dominica.

He pointed out that the craft producers also need to be innovative in the marketing of their items, not just to the local but regional and international market.

Mr. Francis Richards, President of the Dominica Arts and Craft Producers Association (DACPA)

Mr. Richards says it is our jobs to get locals and tourists alike interested in our products, and as such we need to be in tune with technology and what is going on around us.

He also pointed out that Dominica has the ability to produce local authentic Dominican craft whatever type it may be, and we have all of the raw materials readily at our disposal.

He said they are very conscious in improving their quality but is appealing to the stakeholders to give a helping hand, as Diasporans have indicated a potential of thousands of dollars to be made on the international market.

The DACPA President pointed out that being on the production end, needs some grant funding to produce more one of a kind craft items, while mass producing to supply the outside markets.

With this he said Dominica will be reeling in a lot of foreign income which will circulate throughout the country.

However he said without the financial help that is needed, the industry will continue to struggle.

Mr. Richards pointed out that DACPA is also very concerned of the issue of Dominicans purchasing Chinese made craft items, and then engraving Dominica on them to pass them of as Dominican craft which is wrong.

He said this is taking away from the income of the hard working local producers and needs to stop.

Mr. Richards stated as President of DACPA his vision for the industry five years from now is to ensure that we are on an equal level and have the ability to compete with any supplier on the market.

He said more of the local craft persons should join DACPA, with the right persons and the right resources and funding. Therefore the sky is the limit as to how far this industry can go.

Persons wishing to join the association or provide funding can call Mr. Richards on 275-3505.


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