Dominica Arts and Craft Producers Meet With Crafters For a Special Meeting

Crafters at the DACPA Meeting

Retailers of arts and craft in Dominica are upset over the locally produced items that are being bought by tourists.

A meeting was held with the Dominica Arts and Craft Producers Association

(DACPA) and craft persons to look the way forward for the manufacturing of these goods in Dominica.

Mr. Lyndford Guthrie from the Dominica Manufacturer’s Association, says that the craft industry is a vital element to Dominica’s manufacturing sector, which is linked to our tourism product.

The crafters’ duty now is to get organized and mobilize members to develop a business strategy. He says they need to ask questions like what do you want to sell, which customer do you want to serve?

Dr. Eisenhower Douglas who represents the Ministry of Trade, says currently they are putting together a policy on small business, because essentially the crafters are part small businesses.


They are looking to come together to resolve the issues that have plagued the crafters with not producing products of high quality standards.

 Some of the concerns of the crafters are that they should not look to sell their products at a lower price just because a retailer cannot afford to resell the item.

The retailers are also worried that the crafts are not ready for the market because in some instances the items were not preserved and soon after purchase, they rotted.

Open discussions were held to come to a decision on the way forward for the crafters and the manufacturing sectors in Dominica.


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