Dominica Benefitting from Regional Cricket Matches

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Secures First Honors Against Host Country Dominica

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Secures First Honors Against Host Country Dominica

For a second time in Dominica’s international history, we witnessed the West Indies Women’s team engaging in Regional tournaments at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

It was just over a year ago they played India, and now this time around they played against South Africa.

Cricket Commentators Mr. Joseph Thomas, Mr. Andy Carter and Mr. Delvin Esprit all share the view that, this is a good showing in the development of women’s cricket locally and regionally.

Mr. Delvin Esprit says however, there is a lot of work that still needs to be done to develop women’s cricket to the point where it needs to be in the Caribbean and locally.

Mr. Andy Carter who pointed out that the last game which took place on Tuesday January 15th, was free to all school children to attend.

This they should have taken advantage of.

He said this was a perfect opportunity for the female cricketers to see international cricket, which they would have learnt a lot from, and could then use to better themselves at the sport.

He added that more can be done to make female cricket popular in Dominica.

Andy  Carter

Cricket Commentator, Mr. Andy Joseph

Mr. Carter also pointed out that, it was a good showing of support witnessing the large crowd at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium on Saturday January 12th, for the first third match of the ODI series where there was a large crowd of people, mainly women.

Mr. Thomas says Dominica is a country which always had a good potential for the growth of cricket, as there was international cricket here long before the Stadium was built.

Mr. Esprit pointed out that although Dominican throws their full support behind regional and international cricket, when it comes to local cricket they do not give the same support.

He said we should first support local before we can support anything else, and in that way our local cricket will improve.















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