Dominica Blacklisted by France

Pascal Canfin

Pascal Canfin

Seventeen countries including Dominica have been blacklisted by France after failing to be cooperative in investigating foreign aid fraud.

According to a report in Agence France Press, On Monday French bureaucrats said that Dominican Banks and Banks from other blacklisted countries will be banned from distributing development funds.

France defends this action by stating that there is a lack of transparency in Dominica and other nations on that list.

They are of the view that the main victims of fraud are the poor and developing nations.

The blacklist has already increased, registering eight non cooperative states and territories namely: Botswana, Brunei, Nauru, Guatemala and the Philippines.

Pascal Canfin

Pascal Canfin

Switzerland, Lebanon, Panama, Costa Rica, the United Arab Emirates, Dominica, Liberia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Vanuatu were added to the list on Monday.

The purpose of this exposure by French officials is to place pressure on the countries to be more transparent. They said and I quote “The aim is primarily preventative, to put pressure on these countries by publicizing this list to progress towards more transparency”.

Pascal Canfin, Aides to Development Minister, did not disclose the amount of French foreign aid currently transits via banks in Dominica or any of the countries featured on the new blacklist.

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