“Dominica Can Dance Competition” Coming Soon

Dominica continues to entertain the public as well as display their talents by hosting an authentic dance competition called “Dominica can dance” carded for Saturday 25th, at the Arawak House of Culture.

Promotions and Marketing Assistant Manager Ms. Odessa Dinnard says the idea was originated from Mr. Anselm Prince and this competition accepts all persons living in Dominica regardless of their nationality.

Entries are currently closed at the moment however, another competition will be held next year because this will be an annual thing, therefore those who think that they lost an opportunity to showcase their talents, will have another chance next year.

She added that the preparations have been going on from since July and she believes it will be a “money well spent” show.

The Marketing Assistant also mentioned the last show for this competition will take place at some point in December.

Ms. Dinnard believes Dominicans talent will be displayed in the field of dance.


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