Dominica Can Dance Show

It was truly a momentous occasion on Saturday August 25th when the Arawak House of Culture was sold out for the first ever much-anticipated Dominica Can Dance Show.

The show which is the brainchild of Mr. Ansel Prince was all in the effort to showcase the dance ability of Dominicans, which Mr. Prince is of the view, can be competitive on an International level.

Mr. Prince said after months of planning, they are thrilled that the show has finally taken place and thanks all who attended.

He says it has been a dream of his for some time now because Dominica is blessed with an abundance of talent and dancing skills are no exception.

16 acts were on display in areas of Latin, Creative/Contemporary, Traditional and Hip Hop.

In the Creative Contemporary category a dance done by La Rousa who received very good remarks from the judges, in addition to a loud round of applause from the crowd at the end of her display.

Hip Hop done by B32, put on a very impressive showing of break dancing which thoroughly entertained the crowd.

For Creative contemporary, Pepper had the crowd vocal chords working in overtime as he showed some style and flexibility in his performance on stage.

Ras Simple sent the crowd into a frenzy when he came on stage to perform in the Creative Contemporary category to the beat of the sounds of Reggae legend Bob Marley.

“What’s Yeah” who got high reviews from Judge Raymond Lawrence were also advised to keep working to improve on their dancing.

“Work Up S” had the crowd, especially the ladies worked up to their limit, as his performance resembled that of a fine tuned male stripper which they could not get enough of.

Other performers were Swagger G’s, Spragga, Sensual Dancer, B3, Licks Master and Jude and Clem.

The Semi-finals will be held on October 6th.

Patrons have to vote for their favorite to go to the finals on 8th December where the winner will win $5000, a chance to perform at the World Creole Music Festival and other prizes including a trip to another Caribbean Island to perform at a dance competition and perform at Creole in the Park.

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