Dominica Catholic Radio Station Opens

Dominica Catholic Radio Station

Dominica Catholic Radio Station

The Dominica Catholic Radio Station, which is intended for spreading the good news of the Gospel, was officially opened on Sunday January 6th, 2013.

Ms. Nazarine Gordon, Manager of the Dominica Catholic Radio, says this has been a dream brought to fruition by the hard work and dedication of several persons.

They are dedicated to spreading the Word of God while promoting the Catholic Faith.

They believe that in building the spirit, mind, soul, and body, they contribute to the growth of the total human being, and ultimately play their part in nation building.

Director of the Dominica Catholic Radio, Monsignor William John Lewis, in his overview of the radio station, says the church welcomes and promotes those which have a direct relation to men’s minds and uncovered avenues of communicating news, views, and teachings of every sort.

He says the station is not a commercial one and is ‘listener sponsored.’

That means everyone who listens has to think this is my radio and I have to put my money into it.

They have also devised a group that he coined the Dominica Catholic Radio Guardian Angels, who give annual pledges or semi-annual pledges, so that they can continue to have a base of funding for the Catholic station.

The station can be heard on 96.1 on the FM frequency or on and channel 94 on Marpin 2k4.

Listeners can tune in as far south as Scotts Head and Colihaut in the west.

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