Dominica chosen for a Martinique students Education Programme

Fifty students from the College Petit Manoir, a secondary school in Martinique will for the next six days explore tourism and water resources in Dominica, as part of an educational programme undertaken by the school.


The group, which arrived on the island on April 18th , will be on island until April 21st, 2011, where they will visit a number of local businesses and sites.


English teacher at the school, Dominican-born Alex Cuffy, says the team is pleased to have chosen Dominica to undertake this important school project.


During their six-day visit, they will partner with a number of institutions including Chez Ophelia, the Fort Young Hotel and DOWSCO in conducting fun filled yet educational fieldtrips.


Adrien Christine is in charge of the tourism group which consists of 28 students while Ladislas Max is responsible for the 22 students who will be focusing on water.


The group is accompanied by six teachers.

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