Dominica Continues to Fight Citrus Greening Disease


Head of the Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit, Mr. Ryan Anselm

The Ministry of Agriculture has stepped up its efforts with an Eradication Programme, in an attempt to rid the country of the deadly citrus greening disease also known as Huanglongbing.

Head of the Plant Protection and Quarantine Unit Mr. Ryan Anselm also added that, the agent citrus psyllid is the vector that transports the lethal disease.

Mr. Anselm says they are focused on trying to rid the country of this disease, and to manage the vector which is Island-wide.

He says it is very difficult to implement a programme to fight this vector.

These trees need to be removed as they can be used as a source of inoculation for the vector to be transmitted.

He stated Huanglongbing is presently in Wesley, Point Michel, La Plaine, Portsmouth and other communities in the north of the country.

The Eradication Programme seeks to contain the disease where it is presently located, while preventing it from spreading to other areas, said Mr. Anselm.

This is vital he said as the vector and the disease has not been detected in the commercial areas such as, Syndicate and no one should move any planting material to these areas.

Dominica has been fighting the citrus greening disease since 2002, with a Citrus Greening Certification Programme.

Thus far the Government of Dominica has spent five million dollars in the eradication of this disease, noted Mr. Anselm.

He added the only way we can be successful in eradicating this disease is with the cooperative effort of not just farmers but the general public.

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