Dominica Dancers Benefit from Ballet Workshop

participants of the Ballet Workshop

A number of dancers are currently benefitting from a ballet workshop which was organized by the Dominica Institute for the Arts.

Director of the Dominica Institute for the Arts, Ms. Athlene Douglas-Murdock says the Institute recently opened in September 2012 in an effort to develop visual and performing arts in Dominica.

Ms. Murdock says the idea to bring in a foreign instructor to host the workshop was a brilliant one, as getting exposed to as much external influence possible will enrich us when mixed with our styles.

She said she also encourages all artists who can come to Dominica to share their knowledge with the students, as it will be a learning process for all parties involved.

Ms. Murdock added that the facilitator of the workshop Mr. Watmora Casey whose parents are Dominican is a renowned ballet instructor who has travelled around the world working in ballet schools.

Ms. Murdock pointed out that many students of the Institute are of primary school age and she hopes that they will continue, not only throughout their school life but into adulthood as well.

She said positive activities such as being involved in the arts will keep young people engaged so they will not have time get involved in negative activities and get in trouble with the law.

She says although ballet is not native to Dominica is it a great addition to the dancers that we do and can add our Caribbean flavor to it.

Director of the Dominica Institute for the Arts, Ms. Athlene Douglas-Murdock

Mr. Watmora Casey, Founder and Artistic Director of the Faubourg School of Ballet in Illinois, USA who is the facilitator of the ballet workshop, says he was initially in Dominica on vacation to expose his children to their Dominican roots and family so he was delighted to receive an invitation to train the students.

Mr. Casey who is a classical ballet teacher says he also teaches contemporary ballet, so he will see what the West Indians have to offer to blend with what he already knows.

He said what is very important is that the students recognize discipline. It  is very important in all that they do and it is vital in dancing ballet  since he has been dancing from the tender age of 14.

He said his passion for ballet will not allow him to do any other profession, so this is something he will do till his last day on earth.

The Institute currently has a total of 120 students who come from training in various areas or arts.


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