Dominica Faced with a Challenge


Minister of Health, Honourable Julius Timothy

Following the Launch of Caribbean Wellness Day 2013, where individuals were advised to eat healthy, Minister of Health Honourable Julius Timothy, said Dominica as well as the other Caribbean countries, are faced with a challenge in dealing with chronic non communicable diseases.(NCDS).

Mr. Timothy said these conditions threaten the quality of life of the people and are influenced by one’s living condition.

He noted, that we should remember NCDS are lifestyle diseases developed through certain behaviours and during the early youth stage, have life-long consequences.

According to the Minister, Global trends indicate that NDCDS are on the rise amongst our people.

Available information on Dominican youth reveals that smoking amongst students, is more than twice of those of adults.

On behalf of the Ministry of Health, Honourable Julius Timothy, is encouraging the public, particularly the youth, to practice healthy habits.

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