Dominica Football Association delegates conference

football2.jpgPresident of the Dominica Football’s Association (DFA) Mr. Glen Etienne is urging critics and fans that, the association is on sound footing and is presently enjoying an out pouring of support, from many teams, clubs and individuals.


He made the statement at the Dominica Football Association’s Delegates Conference, which was held at the football house in Bath Estate on Saturday May 19th.


Mr. Etienne also ensured that, the trust and confidence many persons have placed in the DFA will not go to waste.


He stated during this football season one of the biggest achievements was, the progress made in women’s football, as now they have seen an increase in the number of women participating in the sport of football.


He said this increase is coming from the secondary schools island wide.


The President also mentioned that, Fifa is pleased with the work they are doing to improving women’s football on the island.

Mr. Etienne pointed out that a number of competitions have reached their conclusion, such as the Premier Division, The Knockout, The First Division and the Intermediate Division.


He also said a number of communities has benefitted from the community outreach program such as, La Plaine, Dublanc, Tarish Pit, Stockfarm, Giraudel, Trafalgar and Pointe Michel.


He also highlighted that the DFA has submitted new designs to Fifa for the second phase of the Goal 2 project, and Fifa stated they are happy to discuss this project.


Mr. Etienne went on to say that he will be meeting with Fifa officials in Hungary soon; to discuss the goals to project’s new proposal and the dissemination of funds.

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