Dominica Freedom Party criticize DLP’s budget

The Dominica Freedom Party has said that once again, the Roosevelt Skerrit-led administration has failed in its promises to the Dominican people as no immediate relief measures were listed in their 2010/2010 budget.


At a press conference on July 16th, political leader of the party Mrs Judith Pestaina said that while the DLP continue to boast of economic development, the level of poverty and unemployment continue to rise.


“While government recognizes the challenges to agriculture, in terms of the aging farming population, reduced investment to the sector, one would have thought that given the challenges facing the agriculture sector and farmers we would have expected to hear the outline of a strategy for aggressively responding to these challenges to transform agricultural production and marketing. The Dominica Freedom Party for example would have liked to see provisions for the establishment of an export loan facility to assist farmers to better position themselves to compete in the regional and international market.


Mrs Pestaina said that the government should mobilize citizens, find out exactly what they need, and implement social programs to improve the lives of Dominicans.


“We would have liked to hear plans for proper training in good agricultural and business practices. As the Dominica Freedom Party suggested in its manifesto we could begin by introducing an agribusiness training module at the Dominica State College which would provide young farmers with some basic training which would better equip them for pursuing a more lucrative career in agriculture. We would have liked to hear of the establishment of an agricultural training institute where agricultural students will receive practical hands-on training in farming practices,” said Pestaina.

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