Dominica grammar school students protest

Parliament was disrupted for some time, as students from the dominica grammar school (dgs), made their way to the building and staged a protest.


The students had their placards in hand, shouting that they are suffering, they need help, and enough is enough and others.


They were also protesting, in support for teacher fari winston, who was injured this week, after he was struck in his head with a piece of wood, by a student.


There was also reports of, a riot at the school this morning, just after when the teachers who were, out of the classroom for the morning, were trying to return to the classrooms to commence teaching.


Sat tv spoke with some students, who were seen walking on the streets of roseau, after they were dismissed, where they said the older male students began throwing chairs, and desks at the teachers.


They also added that, water balloons were sent behind of teachers, who had to run as other objects were also being thrown.


Meanwhile the teachers of the dgs, were engaged in an emergency meeting along with the, chief education officer mr. Steve hyacinth, along with the general secretary of the dominica public service union (dpsu), mr. Thomas letang.


The meeting was held, after the riot took place at the school, and the students were all dismissed from school.

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