Dominica Granted Access to EC $100 Million for Reducing Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse-GasesDominica’s Low Carbon Climate Resilient Development Strategy has been approved by NAMA – the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action Registry to the UNFCCC – the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Secretariat.

The UNFCCC is the United Nations highest mechanism, with overall mandate on matters related to climate change.

Director of the Environmental Coordinating Unit, Mr. Lloyd Pascal, says this is a major achievement for Dominica, following the approval of its SPCR – Strategic Program on Climate Resilience in May of 2013, by the Climate Investment Fund and the World Bank, serving as the Multilateral Development Bank.

The approval of the Strategy by the NAMA Registry, means that this document has been accepted, as the appropriate plan for the mitigation actions by the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Mr. Pascal pointed out, this now enables the country to access significant funding to undertake national mitigation actions that reduce emissions of greenhouse gases – the primary ingredient for global warming.

It also facilitates the diffusion of most appropriate renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

This represents a new line of funding in addition to the line of funding secured from the SPCR through the Climate Investment Fund and through the SPCR.

Dominica now has access to EC $100 million.

The initial funding through NAMA registry, targets mitigation projects amounting to Euros 5-15 million thus far.

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