Dominica Hosts Medal Laboratory Strategic Plan Consultation


Dominica Hosts Medal Laboratory Strategic Plan Consultation

In order to systematically strengthen and achieve adequate laboratory capacity, the Government of Dominica needs to develop a five year National Laboratory Strategic Plan (NLSP).

This will be used to inform persons involved, on annual operating preparations as part of their National and Regional health plans.

The central purpose will be to provide a road map to improve and strengthen the delivery of laboratory services including coordination of referral systems, to ensure equitable access to quality services based on the adequacy and availability of skilled human and other resource inputs.

As a result, a five day National Laboratory Strategic Plan Consultation, facilitated by a consultancy team of Dr. Michael Seepersaud and Ms. Songee Beckles, began on Monday June 25th.

“At the end of it all, what we want is a mechanism to enable laboratories in Dominica to achieve the vision and mission they conceptualized from day one of the consultation.”

The vision reads; To be a leading provider of cutting edge quality assured laboratory services, while the mission states; The delivery of high quality accessible laboratory services and information essential, to maintaining the health and well-being of Dominicans and other users.


Dominica Hosts Medal Laboratory Strategic Plan Consultation

Mr. Seepersaud stated, one of the aspects we need to improve is the weak collaboration among the laboratories, in addition to the limited pool of qualified lab personnel and the absence of maintenance programs, for the care of lab equipment.

He noted there needs to be regulation for this industry, as currently anyone can import lab equipment and start a business, when there should be a system of acquiring a license before one can do so.

This will ensure a continuous high standard of professionalism among all laboratories in Dominica, he said.

Following this consultation, a Laboratory Strategic Plan Working Group (LSPWG) will be established and a draft report will be produced within four months.


Consultant, Dr. Michael Seepersaud

The final copy of the National Laboratory Strategic Plan will then be submitted to the Government within six months from the initiation.

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