Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association Pledges Support To Night-Time Police Patrols in the Roseau Area


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The Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association (DHTA), has pledged its support to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mr. Gene Pestaina, who stated there is the need for increased police patrols during the night on the streets of Roseau.

Mr. Pestaina made the statement in light of his own observations and against the background of his experience as a past police officer in the Dominica Police Force.

This is one of many issues which he indicated he would be discussing with the Police before he demits office in July 2013.

The DHTA views these patrols as important as member hotels, restaurants and other tourism businesses in the Roseau area, have been concerned about the lack of security which their staff and clients experience during the evening and night hours in the Island’s capital.

They said along with other private sector associations notably the DAIC, have been grappling with this issue for several years.

Following discussions with Government authorities in the past addressing the effects of and national response to crime against visitors, a Crime Task Force was established to assist in managing a national response to incidents.

While this has helped, there remain security gaps beside hotel security officers.

The DHTA has noted its continuing concerns with regard to crime to the Prime Minister, in preparation for a meeting to discuss challenges facing the sector.

Increased police patrols in the Roseau area, and in areas where there are large entertainment activities is one of the approaches which the Association advocates.

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