Dominica is now one step closer to trading goods and services with Canada


The Caricom, Canada Negotations for Trade and Development Agreement, is nearing completion, after key officials met in Dominica for a period of two days, to further discuss its implementation. Director of Trade Dr. Eisenhower Douglas, said that the two day workshop was aimed at increasing awareness of both public and private stakeholders about the Negotiations for Trade and Development Agreement, to highlight trading opportunities for goods and services from Dominica to Canada, to discuss the implications of the proposed text and to identify areas of particular concern and interest to Dominica.


Lincoln Price of the Office of Trade Negotiations, who is charged with the responsibility for identifying market price, opportunities and challenges for trading goods and services in Canada, said that there are several areas in which Dominica exhibited some amount of price competitiveness in terms of its’ ability to export goods to Canada at a cheaper rate than other countries from across the world.


He said ‘three specific areas came to mind during the discussions, firstly soaps, secondly paints and vanishes and thirdly fresh avocados. We also explored some areas of retails and import probabilities including plywood and flour.’


Nathalie King, Technical Advisor and Services Specialist at the Office of Trade Negotiations said that they were pleased to discover that services exports from Dominica are increasing tremendously.


She said ‘however, while the prospects are pretty good, one of the main challenges that Dominica faces is the lack of information available about the prospects of the Canadian Market, as well as the lack assistance provided to service suppliers to increase their ability to trade services whether they decide to travel to Canada or remain in Dominica to provide these services.’


Negotiations with Canada have already started, as two rounds have already been completed, with a third round expecting to begin later this year.

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