Dominica joins the rest of the region in celebrating “Cuba CARICOM Day”


Members of the Dominica Cuba Friendship Association joined the rest of CARICOM Members states and the republic of Cuba to celebrate “Cuba CARICOM Day,” today, December 8th, 2010.


While expounding on the history of “Cuba CARICOM Day,” President of the Dominica Cuba Friendship Association Frankie Lowe says it is with great pride and joy that they join the rest of the region in observing this very important day.


“It is a date which was founded based on the decision of four young and brave independent states namely Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago to simultaneously establish full diplomatic relation with the Government of Cuba on December 8th, 1972.


He says “At the time, the action of the four independent Commonwealth Caribbean States was seen as an assertion of their newly won sovereignty and an act of defiance, as the Cold War at its peak and Cuba was being totally isolated within the hemisphere.


According to him, their action also served as a signal that they regarded Cuba as an internal member of the Caribbean family; a view which was regarded with suspicion at that time.


However, this act of solidarity with Cuba continued to strengthen as the other Caribbean territories obtained their independence shortly thereafter.


It was during a CARICOM–Cuba summit in December 2002, in Havana, that a decision was taken to celebrate Cuba-CARICOM Day on the 8th of December, each year.


Summits were to be held every three years on that date, to further discuss and review the existing cooperation between Cuba and CARICOM Member States.


In addition, ministers are to meet every 18 months after each summit to discuss priority issues, confronting the Caribbean region.


Meanwhile, newly appointed Cuban Ambassador Juana Elena Ramos says today, the benefits of the cooperation are evident in a number of sectors, especially within the health and education sector.

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