Dominica loses one of its few remaining Centenarians


Dominica lost one of its few remaining Centenarians, when 111 year old Violet Joseph gentle passed away at her Family Home on 45 Cock Street in Roseau, at approximately 5:30am this morning. Here’s a Nephew of the deceased Eversley Colaire described the circumstances surrounding his aunt’s death.


He said “my Aunt lived a full life of 111 years, and to say the least, she wasn’t suffering from any illnesses at the time of her death…although her leg was amputated at the age of 93 that did not hinder her from becoming a Centenarian.”


Colaire also recalled some of the precious moments that not only him but the entire family holds dear to their heart.


“We have expressed our love and gratitude to her quite a number of times, for example on both her 100th and 110th birthday we had two grand Family Reunion…these were two of the most beautiful moments in our Family History.”


He said that while his Aunt was very strict she was the most caring and loving individual that he has ever came across.


While reminiscing he said “I have never met anyone as beautiful, kind, warm and loving as my Aunt; the icon in our family.”


Violet Joseph was born in Pointe Michel and raised in the town of Portsmouth before moving to live with her husband in Roseau.


“I do not know whether to say fortunately or unfortunately, but I don’t know the circumstances of her not having any children,” he said.


The Management and Staff of SAT Telecommunications Ltd wishes to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the late Violet Joseph.

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