Dominica Manufacturer’s Association to Host Buy Dominica Christmas Shopping

dsc_0089The Dominica Manufacturer’s Association (DMA) and the Dominica Arts and Craft Producers Association (DACPA), are creating the opportunity for Dominican manufacturers and art and craft producers, to sell their products in ‘Buy Dominica’ Christmas Shopping 2013.

Mr. Severin Mckenzie, Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Manufacturers Association noted they recognized that a lot of persons in those industries have difficulties and are experiencing low sales of their products.



That is why they embarked on this endeavour to bring those persons together under one umbrella to be part of a more conducive selling environment.

This event is also organized so Dominicans have an opportunity to purchase locally made items.




The DMA and DACPA are appealing to all manufacturers and artisans on the Island to take advantage of the opportunities provided to expose their products for sale at the market.

Mr. McKenzie in addition encouraged the vendors to display and sell high quality products to meet the satisfaction of consumers.

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