Dominica Met Office advises Dominicans of Trough System


Mr. Marshal Alexander, Weather Forecaster

Dominicans are advised by the Dominica Meteorological Services to be aware of the Trough System which will continue to affect Dominica within the next few days.

Residents in areas such as LaPlaine  which is prone to landslides and mudslides were asked to be extremely cautious.

Mr. Marshal Alexander, Weather Forecaster, explained that a ‘Trough System’ is a narrow space of low barometric pressure which may result into very rainy and windy weather.

Mr. Alexander went into further details as to what each diagram represent and what this signifies for Dominica.

He also explained what a Tropical Atlantic Water loop is;

Mr. Alexander says the trough tends to linger over Dominica for a certain amount of time. Their prediction is that it will only proceed until the end of this weekend.

He says the rainfall is not expected to be steady however, it will rain for the next 42-72 hours.


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