Dominica Poised to be ICT Center in the Caribbean

vlcsnap-2013-09-24-15h28m37s209Dominica has the potential to become the Caribbean’s (ICT) Information Communications Technology Centre, should we decide to educate our young minds and ensure that every child has access to the necessary education and ICT tools to enable him or her to succeed.

This was according to Minister for Information Telecommunications and Constituency Empowerment, Honourable Ambrose George, during his address at the launching of an e-Learning symposium, which began on Monday September 23rd.

The benefits derived from the telecommunications liberalization process, which Dominica has pioneered are plentiful.

According to the minister, now is the time for us to embrace every opportunity to educate the children of this nation, to work collaboratively with Government and the private sector, to help foster the continued educational development of our people in every area of endeavour.

Only when this is done he says, can we truly benefit from the liberalization of the telecommunications sector.

Mr. George said, he will continue to lead the charge, to ensure Dominica’s telecommunications infrastructure is sufficiently robust and sound, to provide the necessary technical support to propel our students to be, the best they can be in the world of academia to benefit from the effective use of ICT.

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