Dominica Police Officers Completes Crime Scene First Responder Course

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Dominica Police Force

The Canadian Government and the Regional Security System (RSS) has successfully made twenty-four police officers better armed and educated after receiving four days of Crime Scene First Responders training.

Sergeant Clem Bruno, Member of the RSS Education Committee says, one of the objectives of the RSS training institute of which the education committee is part of, is to standardize training within the RSS Members State.

Superintendent of Police, Ms Yvonne Alexander who represented Police Chief Daniel Carbon, looks forward to witnessing the change of attitudes and behavior in their performance.

Ms. Alexander believes this is beneficial to Dominica’s organizations, the public, and the country.

She added that knowledge and skills are vital and explain why.

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(from left to right) Sgt. Clem Bruno, Superintendent Yvonne Alexander, Mr. Dave Flamank and Sgt. Elvis Thomas

Mr. Dave Flamank, Forensic Identification Specialist, says the instructors did a fabulous job and without them, their community will not be safe.

“It has been a privilege to be in your gracious and friendly country”, he added.

The Regional Security System was formed in 1982 out of a need for collective response to security threats, which were impacting on the stability of the region.



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