Dominica Receives Funds from AFD for Geothermal Plant


Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit

Prime Minister Roosvelt Skerrit, in a Press Conference held on Tuesday June 25th, announced that the Agence Francaise Development (AFD) has promised to finance the construction of a megawatt plant in Dominica.

According to Mr. Skerrit, the AFD is certainly equipped to finance the construction of the 15 megawatt plant in Dominica, following a formal financial request by the government of Dominica.

“We have been working on this project for the past several years, and have made tremendous progress in our quest towards taking advantage of renewable energy,” he stated.

This 15 megawatt plant is expected to reduce the cost of electricity in Dominica.

The overall aim is to provide 50 megawatts to Martinique and to Guadeloupe. This initiative is expected to decrease their reliance on fossil energies.

The French Government will purchase energy from Dominica and will play a critical role in the construction, management and financing of the bigger plant.

It is predicted that by 2014 the construction of the small plant will commence, with technical assistance from Agence Francais Development for a period of 5 years.

To date, the Dominican Government has invested in excess of $33 million in the investigative and introductory phases of the geothermal project.

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