Dominica Seeks to Improve Health Information Systems


Mrs. Amy Simpson, Australian volunteer

On the 2nd of July, at the Windsor Park Stadium Terrace, the Cocktail Reception, held in honour of the Australian and Chilean Health Information volunteers, marked a special night in the history of health care for Dominica.

It symbolized a significant milestone along the development of the information super highway that we have only heard about.

Mrs. Amy Simpson, the Australian volunteer, who will be working within the Ministry of Health and Information Unit for 12 months, as a Health Information Analyst, said her aim is to increase the quality of health information in Dominica.

Mrs. Simpson will be setting up workshops for health care, associated infections, to prepare the next national survey on non-communicable diseases and their risk factors.

Mr. Pedro Vidal, head of the Chilean team said they are very grateful for the opportunity to collaborate on this important project, which represents the beginning of health benefits to the people of Dominica.


Mr. Pedro Vidal, head of the Chilean team

According to Dr. Paul Ricketts, for over a decade the Ministry of Health has been pursuing a dream of improved information systems, improved communication and improved application of modern technology, to the delivery of health care.

Dr. Ricketts said since then their efforts in improving the health sector has been unwavering.

In closing, he said the Ministry is determined to contribute to Dominica and to ensure that the people have improved health through improved information.

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