Dominica Social Security Hosts Regional Compliance Workshop

Regional Compliance Workshop

The Dominica Social Security (DSS) is hosting a Regional Compliance and Financial Risk Management Workshop for Compliance Officers (Inspectors) of Social Security institutions from within CARICOM.

The opening ceremony took place on Monday October 22nd, at the Fort Young Hotel and will run for the next four days. Over 30 participants are expected to take part in the Workshop.

Director at the Dominica Social Security, Mrs. Janice Jean Jacques Thomas, says the workshop is being conducted at a time when efforts of compliance are being stemmed by the prevailing economic conditions, which hinders the ability of many employers to honour their financial obligations.

Topics to be covered at the workshop include the economic climate and its impact on the performance of Social Security, understanding the nature of risks and how to mitigate them, and management of employer delinquency.

Mrs. Thomas says the workshop is rather timely because we are in a period of economic uncertainty, and the topics chosen emphasize this.

Acting Prime Minister, Honourable Ambrose George, says the aspect of Social Security operations is the most critical area since it impacts the effectiveness with which the other aspects are carried out.

He says this will allow the inspectors to deliberate on issues that affect the day-to-day activities, while contemplating strategies that ensure the larger population becoming contributors to Social Security and National Insurance Schemes.

At the end of the four day workshop, it is hoped that the participants will be better equipped to carry out their duties as compliance officers, and they will recommit themselves to remaining vigilant even in the face of challenges.

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