Dominica Softball Development Cricket Association to continue improving programs next year


The Dominica Softball Development Cricket Association will in the next year, continue placing emphasis on getting more female students involved in the sport.


That’s the confirmation coming from the president of the Dominica Softball Cricket Development Association, Gifford Toussaint.


The Association, which is currently conducting a softball cricket program, in all primary schools on the island, for both boys and girls, recently started the program for girls in secondary schools.


He says while emphasis is being placed on both softball and hardball cricket, the association is viewing the softball as a nurturing ground for cricketers who intend to play hardball.


According to him, softball cricket is just as important as hardball cricket, since it builds the foundation for future regional and international cricketers.


He says in the new year, the association will continue to implement programs that are geared at developing the sport.

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